Ratoath Tennis Club
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Membership Options

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There are five membership options available.

  1. Family – €295 plus €150 joining fee (€445 total).
  2. Adult – €190 plus €150 joining fee (€340 total).
  3. Junior (under 19 years old) – €90 (No Joining Fee!).
  4. Student (19-25 years old) – €140 plus €75 joining fee (€215 total).
  5. Senior (over 65 years old) – €140 plus €75 joining fee (€215 total).

Membership Information

  • “Family” includes parent(s) and any dependent children who are under 19 at the time of renewal/joining.
  • Couples may join as a family.
  • “Junior” applies to those under 19 at time of application.
  • “Student” applies to those aged 19-25 years old who are in full time education. A copy of student identification will be required.
  • Joining fees are payable only once, in advance, in the first year of membership, and are not payable when transferring from one membership type to another (e.g. from junior to adult). You will be notified when annual fees are due in full once a year on the anniversary of the commencement of your membership.