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DLTC Summer League Winners

Congratulations to Men’s Class 7 Team for Winning DLTC Summer League!!

What an incredible victory for the Men’s Class 7 team today! The journey to triumph began with Thomas securing a win in two sets. The excitement continued as the rest of the team—Dave, Daniel, Brendan, Mark, Saulius, and Nilton—fought through three grueling sets each, keeping all spectators on the edge of their seats. Their determination and skill ultimately led to a well-deserved league title.

Reflecting on the match, team captain Mark praised his players, saying, “That was a great performance from all the players today. They really played their heart out. And even though they weren’t on the final today, I want to extend the congratulations to Mike and Colin, who played pivotal roles on the team and made this victory possible”.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the supporters who travelled to the game and to Graham for his enthusiastic commentary. Your encouragement and kind comments truly made a difference.

Get in there, RTC!

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