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Get Fit for Tennis

We should get fit for tennis instead of using tennis to get fit.  

Tennis requires upper body, lower body and core strength. It is a multi-directional sport. Therefore we need to be able to move in multi-directions and to change direction quickly.  

Warming up the muscles prior to play is important. Jogging around the court, high knees, heel to toes, side stepping, lunges with rotation and shoulder circles are all useful warm up exercises. 

Theraband exercises for the deep stability muscles of the shoulder ( rotator cuff) prior to play can protect against shoulder injuries.   

After playing stretching the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body can alleviate muscle soreness and maintain flexibility. 

What we do between matches is probably more important. Take the tennis serve as pictured below. Look at all the muscle groups that are involved. 

Image result for tennis serve muscles used

Squats, lunges and calf raises will strengthen the leg muscles that are used during the serve. 

Pilates is an excellent form of exercise that will strengthen the abdominals and other core muscles that are involved. 

Rotator cuff exercises using theraband or free weights as well as biceps/tricep curls, rows, push ups and shoulder presses can strengthen the upper body. 

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