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Club to Freeze Memberships

Dear Members,

There is no doubt we are living through difficult and unprecedented
times. We know from our members who are on the front lines the
sacrifices they make and risks they run. Many of us are also acutely
aware of the dangers posed to elderly family members and also to
children and adults with underlying medical issues.

As you will already be aware, Ratoath Tennis Club Committee took the
difficult but necessary decision to close the club completely on the
21st of March. Our motivation was not just about members ability or
inability to exercise appropriate social distancing during play but was
more importantly, to show solidarity with our local community and those
who feel threatened, alone, scared or confused by our rapidly changing

Unfortunately, we have no idea when this pandemic will subside, when it
will be safe to move about or when our tennis club will be able to
re-open. As we have done throughout the last few weeks, we will keep an
eye on Government and HSE announcements to assess the possibility of
re-opening our club as quickly and as safely as possible. The Committee
have agreed that all Memberships are to be frozen for the month of April
and this will be reviewed before May.

Some weeks ago our Fashion Show Committee, all of whom had been working hard putting all the many pieces together for this vital club
fundraiser, had to cancel the April event. This now seems of little
insignificance compared to the gravity of a rapidly spreading global
pandemic. Maybe when we’re collectively back on our feet and we get
through this difficult time, we can look forward to something like our
Fashion Show to celebrate and remind us that Clubs, Communities and
Countries depend on people to keep them going.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We will be sending updates
through our whatsapp and Facebook platforms so please stay posted but
more importantly stay safe.

RTC Committee
Ratoath Tennis Club
Jamestown Sports Campus
The Avenue
Co. Meath

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