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Rules for On-line Club Championship Court Booking System – March-April

  1. Bookings can be made for a maximum of 1.5hr slots.

2. Booking cannot be made within 1 ½ hr of requested time slot. If you want to play at 8pm you must book it before 6:30pm.

3. Two names minimum per booking slot must be given. (opposing team/individuals not same team/individual).

4. Court 5 not bookable and can be used for matches but normal 1hr rule applies if members waiting to play that do not have a pre-booked time slot elsewhere.

5. Bookings can only be made from 6pm to 10:30pm on week days and from 8:30am to 1:30pm on weekends. Outside of these hours it’s on a first come basis. People can still organize to play their matches but normal rules apply – if all courts busy, vacate after an hour or double up to free a court. No bookings allowed outside of these specified hours.

6. Slot is forfeit if all players are not available to play within 20mins of allotted start time. Slot becomes vacant for the allotted time only and can be used by members waiting to play on a first come basis as per normal club rules.

7. If match runs over 1.5hr slot players must ask waiting players if OK to continue and advise of the current match score. This is at the discretion of the waiting players.

8. All junior players playing in the club championship shall be treated as senior players for the purposes of the competition only.

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